Anti-Immigration Bill Has Severe Impact on the Economy and Human Rights says Jewish Business Leader

Steve Dubrinsky runs Max’s Delicatessen, a classic Jewish deli, in Birmingham, Alabama. After the Alabama’s immigration law went into effect last month,  he was attacked by strangers  for defending his Latino workforce in an interview with the Birmingham News.  Since then, he has received an outpouring of support  for his courageous stance against the Alabama immigration nill. Steve shares the impact H.B. 56  has had on his family, community, and the state of Alabama.

Steve Dubrinsky, owner of Max's Delicatessen in Birmingham

Alabama’s recent controversial immigration Law, House Bill 56, has caused a great disturbance within my community, and, unfortunately, the worst is yet to come. Economically, the state is already experiencing hardship. Employees have  left the state out of fear for the new law, crops go unpicked in North Alabama,  and business owners struggle to find a solution to the new regulations  provisioned by HB 56. Students have
disappeared from schools while Alabama’s  lawmakers are reveling in the fact that they
have created the most harsh  immigration law in the United States. There’s an eerie feeling in parts of  Alabama that stems from this new law. Yet, all these things do not even begin to  cover the severe ramifications Alabama will continue to face domestically and  abroad. The most detrimental aspect of this new law is the denial of human  rights to a race. Many Hispanics have been in Alabama for years and are now  being forced to leave out of fear for their safety and their children’s safety.

In fact, there have been cases of illegal parents making arrangements for their  legal children to stay in the United States, should they be deported, by asking  neighbors
and friends to adopt their children. Personally, I can already see the  results of this law through my own family’s encounters of racial profiling. My  wife is Hispanic and our daughter was recently asked to take an English as a  Second Language test at school, even though English is obviously her first  language. She was asked to take this test simply because she looks Hispanic. All  in all, I believe that Alabama’s lawmakers did
not foresee the Jim Crow-like  results that HB 56 will have in the state of Alabama. Instead of being a  progressive and accepting state, Alabama is reverting back to Civil Rights era behavior and, like I said before, I fear the worst is yet to come.