Learn more about the “Gang of 8” Senators’ Immigration Bill (S. 744)

This week the Senate Judiciary Committee started to discuss the newly-introduced immigration bill, and they will begin the “mark up” process in the next couple week, where committee members will have the chance to introduce and debate amendments. Senator Leahy, Committee Chair, has set a goal of getting the bill through the committee before the Memorial Day recess. After that, Majority Leader Harry Reid will have the opportunity to bring the bill to the Senate floor for debate and a potential vote.

This is a lengthy, complex, and historic bill. Thank you to those of you who were able to join us for last week’s national We Were Strangers, Too conference call to discuss the Jewish community’s initial analysis of the bill and what it would mean for our community.  If you missed the call, click here to listen to an audio recording. Also, here are some additional resources and talking points about the immigration bill from various partner organizations: