Jewish Community Members Meet in Richmond to Discuss Immigration Reform

Last weekend, a group of Jewish community activists in Richmond, Virginia held an event to recall the importance of immigration in American Jewish history and outline immigration reform as an issue in line with core Jewish values. Speakers included Abby Levine, Director of the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable, as well as various community members who shared their families’ immigration stories from countries like Lithuania, Russia, and Iran. The event was strategically planned in the hometown of House Majority Leader and the sole Jewish Republican in Congress, Eric Cantor. Since the Senate passed a comprehensive immigration reform package in June, Rep. Cantor has suggested that the House would not take up the Senate-passed bill but should instead consider smaller bills aimed at issues like legalizing the status of children of undocumented immigrants who enroll in college or serve in the military. Learn more about the event and the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable’s efforts to convince Rep. Cantor to address immigration reform in a way consistent with Jewish values.