Series on World Refugee Day: What Can You Do to Help Refugees? (Part 3 of 3)

Today, just in time for World Refugee Day, HIAS released the new short video HIAS: For the Refugee to help explain why they are dedicated to helping refugees.

Become an advocate for refugees’ rights this World Refugee Day by sharing this video with your friends and family. Here is a sample tweet to accompany the video: There are more refugees today than at any time since WWII. Join @HIASrefugees this #WorldRefugeeDay to help.

There are other ways you can advocate for refugees’ rights this World Refugee Day:

  1. Spread the word
  • Use social media to share articles, pictures, and announcements about World Refugee Day, who refugees are, and the stories of refugees
  • Educate your friends and loved ones about the difficulties that refugees face and about refugees in your community
  1. Advocate for humanitarian policies
  1. Attend World Refugee Day events in your area
  • Surf the web for events near you
  • Share photos, notes, and fun memories from the events!