July 13th Interfaith Immigration Coalition Webinar: The Continued Movement to End Family Detention

On July 13th at 4 PM Eastern, the Interfaith Immigration Coalition will be hosting the webinar “The Continued Movement to End Family Detention and Promote Community-Based Alternatives to Detention.

The webinar will focus on the continued push to end family detention through the national #FreeFamilies Social Media Campaign. The webinar will feature faith leaders who administer community-based alternatives to detention, and discuss legislation that strives to reform the immigration detention system.This webinar is being held in anticipation of the Flores v Meese court decision, which could greatly impact family detention.

The call-in number for the webinar is 805-399-1000, Code 104402.  The link to the visual portion of the webinar can be found by following this link: http://join.me/faith4immigration.