Syrian Refugee Crisis-RCUSA Webinar, letter sign-on and additional resources

Many of us are deeply troubled by the news reports coming out of Europe about the influx of Syrian refugees seeking safety and protection.  Below you will find information on an RCUSA organizational sign-on letter, RCUSA webinar, and additional resources.

RCUSA Letter sign-on:

Refugee Council USA (RCUSA), a coalition of U.S.-based organizations dedicated to refugee protection and welcome, sent this letter on September 9th to President Obama urging him to take action in response to the ever growing Syrian refugee crisis. RCUSA invites national and local organizations to sign-on to this letter with the same recommendations to further urge the President to increase protection and resettlement of Syrian refugees. The letter urges the United States to: increase the number of refugees that we resettle to 200,000 for FY 16, with 100,000 of them being Syrian; show solidarity with its close allies in Europe and resettle a small number of refugees from Europe; urge other countries to increase their funding of the humanitarian response while at the same time continuing to increase the amount that the United States gives; and engage with major development actors to encourage the expansion of development plans to include refugee and refugee host communities, supported by the convening of a major international conference where the United States could announce its plans to lead the response.

Sign-ons are due via this form by 4pm EST Thursday, September 17th.    Please contact or 202-319-2102 with any questions.


Urgent RCUSA Call for Refugee Advocates –Pushing to Protect More Refugees During the Current Crisis –  Friday, September 18th 12:00-1:00pm EST  

With the current unprecedented and growing number of refugees around the world and many risking their lives in dangerous situations to find safety, Refugee Council USA is convening this urgent call to discuss what we can to help protect more refugees, including the now over 4 million Syrian refugees.  Recent photographs of children who died in search of safety and other news coverage highlight the gravity and breadth of the situation, as well as the loss and desperation of so many.  While we’re heartened that individuals in the United States and other nations have opened their hearts and homes to refugees, most governments are not acting to protect refugees.  We believe the United States should be doing more, and we’re asking for your help to encourage our government to take action.

Geared towards local refugee resettlement actors, state refugee coordinators, refugee leaders, and other advocates, the webinar will focus on what you can do to encourage your members of Congress and the President to further protect refugees and show solidarity to other nations doing a disproportionate amount of work to save and protect refugee lives.   We will discuss opportunities and concrete actions we urge you take before the end of the year to join the movement to protect and resettle more refugees.

Please RSVP for the webinar here.  Information to access the visuals and audio will be sent those who RSVP in advance of the  webinar.  Please contact Shaina Ward at with any questions.


FAQ: HIAS’ responsepe to the Refugee Crisis in Europe