RCUSA National Refugee Advocacy Call for Refugee Advocates – Friday, November 6th 12:00-1:00pm EST  

Please join RCUSA on Friday, November 6th from 12-1pm ET for its National Refugee Advocacy call.  This call will focus on the funding necessary for the multiple government agencies involved in refugee resettlement and the important window of opportunity we have to push for it between now and December 11th when the current budget measure is set to expire.  With the increase in the Presidential Determination up to 85,000 refugees, more funding will be needed to effectively process and serve the additional arrivals.  Alongside asking for the necessary funds for 85,000 refugees, RCUSA still urges an additional increase in Syrian resettlement above the Presidential Determination and for sufficient funds to bring them to safety in the US.
Brian Reich, Project Director at the Hive, will talk about the special project of USA for UNHCR, focused on getting more Americans to engage in supporting efforts to address the global refugee crisis. The Hive has invested in sophisticated data modeling/targeting capabilities and is exploring different ways of educating and activating audiences across the country. The Hive will provide a brief overview of some of these options and is very interested to explore ways to collaborate with other organizations on a variety of projects.

Please RSVP for the webinar here.  Information to access the visuals and audio will be sent those who RSVP in advance of the  webinar.  Please contact Shaina Ward at sward@rcusa.org with any questions.