Why We Need Reform Now

Although immigration policy reform is our longer-term objective, justice cannot wait. Immigration reform is a time-sensitive, necessary step that will benefit not only immigrants, but also the USA’s families, workers, economy, and security.

We need immigration policy reform for:

1) American families

  • The family is the basic unit of our society, and immigrants who have the support of strong families are more likely to contribute to society, pay taxes, and start businesses that create jobs. However, our immigration system divides families and keeps loved ones apart for years and even decades, which discourages them from following the rules and working within the system.

It is illogical to spend billions of dollars each year finding, deporting, and separating people who are often skilled workers, learning English, and contributing to the success of our country.  For undocumented immigrants, policy reform must require them to register and pay taxes, while enabling them to work toward American citizenship. This will allow many more families to stay together and earn an income.

Credit: Reuters
Credit: Reuters

2) American workers

  • Reforming immigration will help protect all workers from exploitation and unfair competition. Currently, millions of workers — one in twenty in the U.S. workforce — are vulnerable to employers who seek unfair advantage over their competitors by paying workers less than minimum wage or by ignoring labor rights protected by law.

If undocumented workers are treated as fairly as American workers, employers will be prevented from driving wages down for everybody.

3) The economy

  • Industries like agriculture that require a large workforce that can work long and physically demanding days have been unable to plan their business strategies around a stable workforce. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, such sectors have relied on immigrant workers to do those jobs. The hospitality, restaurant, business services, and manufacturing sectors face similar problems.

One of the challenges American businesses face today is the aging American workforce, the rapid retirement of the large Baby Boomer generation. To maintain a balanced and a stable workforce, American businesses must find younger workers, especially in manual labor jobs. With more and more US citizen youth earning high school and college degrees and seeking out white-collar professions, the trend is making the prospects of adequately filling jobs in certain sectors extremely difficult, even in this tough economy. Immigration reform will ensure the maintenance and retention of jobs in these industries.

Credit: Washington Post
Credit: Washington Post

4) Security

  • With few effective legal options to immigrate to the US and to become a citizen, many people attempt illegal immigration. This broken system has helped to create a market for smugglers. The stigma associated with undocumented immigrants and an arbitrary detention regime divert attention from protecting Americans from true threats and toward refugees and other migrants, who are frequently mistreated upon arrival in the US.

Immigration reform will allow more immigrants to enter the US with a visa, not with a smuggler. It will require undocumented immigrants to register with the government, and go through government background security checks. This screening process will separate ordinary immigrants who have come seeking opportunities to better their lives from those who may be exploiting a broken system  or who may harm Americans.

Source: Reform Immigration For America

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