Our Values and Objectives

The primary sponsors of the WWS2 Campaign are Jewish organizations. Jewish values, identity, and history of migration have created a national Jewish imperative to fight for a Just and Compassionate Immigration System in the United States.iPhone 9.28.13 262

The Jewish community’s value of “Protecting the Ger (Stranger)” have led Jews to politically engage in the fight for fair protection of immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. Jewish cultural values such as caring for the poor and a desire for a fair and equal justice system have led Jews to play a pivotal role in national immigration debates.

Values in Action

1) Protecting the Ger (Stranger): Immigrants in our country deserve the same protection as everybody else

  • Throughout our religious history, Jews are instructed to care for the stranger, recalling our time in Egypt. WWS2 is the American Jewish community’s call to action to lobby for policies that afford respect and legal protection of all peoples forced to leave their homes in search of a better life elsewhere.

2) Fair Justice System: Ending the Mistreatment of Immigrants in Detention Centers

  • Advocating for the rights of immigrant detainees reflects the Jewish mandate to uphold a fair justice system. The U.S. strives to uphold the values of fairness and due process, but today our broken immigration system denies basic human rights and due process to people who are being detained. Most of these detainees have no criminal history, yet they can be jailed for months or years at a time.[1]

3) Caring for the Poor: Immigrants are Victims of Poor Working Conditions and Low Wages

  • After migrating to the US, undocumented workers, who strive to create a better life for their families, are often exploited. Their employers take advantage of migrants’ desperation to find work and pay illegally low wages or otherwise treat them unfairly. Undocumented workers fear deportation and detention, and frequently must endure this unacceptable treatment.[2] We must lobby for better conditions, pay, and legal protection for undocumented immigrants.

WWS2 promotes engagement both inside and outside of the American Jewish community through these universally-applicable values on behalf of some of the most vulnerable people in the US: “strangers.”fast





[1] Heartland Alliance: National Immigration Justice Center.

[2] Exploited: The Plight of the Undocumented Worker. By Cristina Jimenez, Drum Major Institute. Posted on August 12, 2008, Printed on January 23, 2009 http://www.alternet.org/story/94703/


6 thoughts on “Our Values and Objectives

  1. […] The U.S. strives to uphold the values of fairness and due process, but today our broken immigration system denies basic human rights and due process to people who are being detained. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) detained more than 370,000 men, women, and children last year, a 60 percent increase from just four years ago. Thousands of people are denied basic rights such as access to health care, a lawyer, and a meaningful day in court. Most have no criminal history, yet they can be jailed for months or years at a time. More than 100 people have died in U.S. custody since 2004. Immigrant detainees frequently are denied access to the due process rights that are the foundation of the U.S. justice system.[1] […]

  2. […] Undocumented workers, striving to provide a better life for their families–the very reason for migrating to the U.S., are exploited by employers who take advantage of their vulnerable and desperate situation. Undocumented workers often endure unfair treatment and wages because they fear being fired or reported to immigration authorities.[2] […]

  3. […] The American Jewish community includes both native-born American Jews and foreign-born Jews from around the world. Jewish refugees and immigrants came to the United States seeking religious liberty and freedom from persecution. They came for an education at universities and yeshivas, to reunite with family members and to assume religious and other professional occupations.[3] […]

  4. […] From the Jewish perspective, migration has not only served as a safety valve to escape possible destruction; it also may be considered the loom upon which the distinctive and variegated pattern of Jewish history has been woven through the ages.”[4] […]

  5. […] When Jews arrived from Eastern Europe in the early 20th century, they faced harsh and difficult immigration policies and deplorable living conditions. For example, arriving at Ellis Island, Jews underwent dreaded medical examinations and psychological tests. Moreover, many had been slated for deportation by the sometimes harsh and arbitrarily-acting immigrant officials. Because of language barriers and legal formalities, immigrants scheduled to be deported were rarely able to defend themselves. Jewish institutional intervention by the Board of Inquiry on behalf of these unfortunate immigrants effectively decreased the number sent back.[5] […]

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